New Habits for the New World

New Habits for the New World
Habits are behaviours which are performed automatically because they have been performed frequently in the past. Google how long it takes to form a new habit. There are lots of opinions and results with estimates from 21-254 days. 

Its logical to assume that it can take a long time to change long-established habits or habits of a lifetime. As a simple example, I wore glasses for 20 years before eye surgery in 2015 and I still find myself occasionally going to adjust my glasses on the bridge of my nose!

Habits can be formed as part of our upbringing and can include simple things like personal hygiene, basic manners and social etiquette. Other habits can be forced upon us through regulation or an unexpected change in circumstances. 

Living in a Covid world requires obvious new habits around hygiene, cough etiquette and personal space but other new habits need to be developed if we are to achieve a sense of contentment and peace. 

A change in personal or professional circumstances can be stressful. A resulting action can be beyond our control, however, our reaction can assist in achieving the most positive outcome possible. 

We all need to become skilled at recognising our thoughts in response to things that happen. We can become better at understanding and managing our emotional responses and so, at choosing the appropriate reactions.

There is a vast amount of literature online to assist you in this quest. Educate yourself so you have the tools and a better understanding of how to be the best you can be.