Through our dealings with clients and candidates, we obtain regular feedback that gives us an indication of the condition of the market as below:

  • The market has recovered significantly with opportunities now appearing across all areas.

  • There is a developing shortage in suitable skills for experienced air, sea and road freight operations clerks as well as experienced multi-modal sales and business development resources.

  • For the most part, clients continue to seek recent market experience that exactly matches their immediate requirements leaving few opportunities for candidates that have been without work for some time or those looking to move into new industries / careers.

  • We have noticed an ongoing increase in temporary and contract requirements as employers identify resource gaps but yet do not have the budget to hire on a permanent basis.

  • There is a rise in the requirement for graduate and junior candidates with 6-12 months experience as companies look to take on new talent to train them into the role over time. This can represent an excellent opportunity for some candidates that meet the minimum requirements.

  • Recent changes in work concessions for Immigration Stamp 2 holding non–EEA students came into effect on the 1st of January 2015 limiting the availability of Stamp 2 holding non–EEA students available work work beyond the periods specified (May-Aug and Dec-Jan). This move may motivate employers to continue searching for available EEA workers who do not have any restriction.