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Work Placement Experience Programme – Information for Employers

The Work Placement Experience Programme allows employers to host a jobseeker on a work experience placement and to help the jobseeker to build new skills and gain valuable work experience. The programme is targeted at jobseekers, aged between 18 and 65 years of age that are on certain social welfare payments for 6 months (156 days) and want to avail of training and work experience to re-engage with the job market.

Employers who host a WPEP participant will provide a placement for 6 months. Participation must be for 30 hours per week, which must be completed over 4 or 5 days in each week. If there is shift work or weekend work involved, this must be advised to the Participant prior to commencement. The 30 hours includes time spent on training.

There is no cost to the host/employer; the participant will be paid by the Department of Social Protection during their work placement. The WPEP payment will be €306 per week. No top-up payments to the participant are permitted. However, where a Participant incurs expenses that have been approved in advance, these expenses may be reimbursed by the Host to the Participant on a vouched basis (receipt).

How to qualify;

The Work Placement Experience Programme is open to employers in the private, public, civil service, community and voluntary sectors.

In order for an employer to become a WPEP host they must be:

  • a business or a charity registered with the Revenue Commissioners
  • tax compliant and provide an up to date Revenue Tax reference number and a Tax Clearance Access Number (TCAN)
  • operating in the Republic of Ireland

A host must have a minimum of 1 full-time employee who is employed for 30 hours or more per week (that is, on payroll and subject to PAYE and PRSI).

Personal Learning and Development

A number of Training and Development supports are provided to facilitate a quality learning experience for the Participant and to ensure that the Host has access to the necessary training infrastructure that can deliver a meaningful work placement experience for both the Participant and the Host. The Participant is expected to complete at least 60 hours of training while on the Work Placement of which 20 hours should be accredited or sector specific training.

The Department of Social Protection and Education and Training Boards (ETBs) across Ireland have numerous supports through free and funded training courses which participants on this scheme can avail of in order to attain their accredited training.

Training by Sector

Here you will find information on some of the current training on offer by sector:

Participants on the Work Placement Experience Programme (WPEP), are eligible to participate in the WPEP QQI Work Experience Module which was developed by the Education & Training Boards in collaboration with the Department of Social Protection. This module fulfils all of your accredited training requirements for the WPEP.

Number of Participants per Host

There is a limit on the number of placements that a Host can offer:

Number of Full Time Employees* Number of WPEP Participants permitted
1-10 employees     1 Participant
11-20 employees 2 Participants
21-30 employees 3 Participants
30 + employees 10% of the workforce to a maximum of 10 Participants, whichever is the smaller

* Who is employed for 30 hours or more per week (i.e. on payroll and subject to PAYE and PRSI)

To Apply:

To register as a WPEP host and advertise a vacancy, please go to or contact JobsIreland by email.

Steps to advertise a Placement on

  • Login to/Register for an employer account – Video resource How to Register as an Employer on
  • Navigate to Vacancies from your dashboard
  • Select ‘Work Placement and Experience Programme’
  • Read and accept the Terms & Conditions (the T&C’s are included at the bottom of this email for reference)
  • Complete the one page form with details of the Placement that you wish to advertise – Video resource How to Create a WPEP Vacancy on

Tips for registering:

  • Placement Description: This is similar to a job description for a paid position. However, the emphasis is on what new work experience the participant will gain in this mentored placement. There should not any prior experience requirements, as this would not be in line with the scheme guidelines.
  • WPEP Category: This refers to the primary job preference (e.g. for an Administration role, type administrative / Retail role, type sales etc).
  • No. of employees: Ensure to record the number of paid employees with your organisation
  • How would you like the Candidate to apply for this vacancy?: Choose either ‘via the JobsIreland portal’ OR provide desired contact details (phone, email and/or address)
  • Information you need to have available; Public/Employers Liability Insurance Policy Number; Tax Reference Number; Tax Clearance Access Number
  • Ensure to select the appropriate answer to the ‘Health & Safety Statement Available’ question
  • The participant will receive formal/ informal training in the following: Ensure to list the different headings of training that you intend to provide (or provide access to) [see for details on training available on a sector by sector basis]

JobsIreland Website:


Phone: 0818 111 112 / +353-1-2481389 (if outside the Republic of Ireland), 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Jobseeker Information: Work Placement Experience Programme for jobseekers.

Operational Guidelines: Operational Guidelines: Work Placement Experience Programme

Employment Supports to Businesses on completion of WPEP

The Host may qualify for JobsPlus if they decide to hire a Participant (i.e. offer the Participant paid full time employment) at the end of the placement. Please see the JobsPlus webpage for information on the JobsPlus incentive, eligibility criteria and how to apply. It is advised that Hosts submit applications for JobsPlus in advance of WPEP completion.

What JobsPlus is

JobsPlus is an employer incentive which encourages and rewards employers who employ jobseekers on the Live Register. Employers are paid an incentive of €7,500 or €10,000, which is paid monthly in arrears over a 2-year period. This equates to €312.50 or €416.67 per month, for each qualifying employee that you recruit from the Live Register.

Eligible employees do not have to come through the Work Placement Experience Programme in order for you to benefit from the JobsPlus incentive.

This programme gives you an opportunity to:

  • identify future employees for your business
  • learn about mentoring your workforce
  • access Intreo financial supports
  • play your part in Ireland’s national recovery plan

You will find further information on the attachment and on